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Oh Flossy

Oh Flossy Nail Stickers Sweets

Oh Flossy Nail Stickers Sweets

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Add a fun artistic touch to your nail look with these cute sets of Oh Flossy nail stickers.  With 4 themes to choose from these cute stick-on prints allows for your creativity to shine.  The stickers can be used on bare nails or on top of your Oh Flossy Nail Polish to finish off your manicure in style!

Our beautiful designs were designed and hand drawn by local Western Australian Designer Rosa Ronco and was created to inspire kids at playtime.   The icons pair perfectly with our makeup sets - you will notice the same icons in some of our box designs. 


Place the pre-glued sticker onto your nail and press to adhere. 
To remove, soak your nails in warm water and gently peel stickers off.
 Sheet Size: 10 x 8cm


Easy-to-use stick on prints, create nail art in an instant
Can be used on bare or painted nails
Adhesive backing
Not suitable for children 3 years and under
Recyclable Packaging

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