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Ethicool Books The Day We Went Away

Ethicool Books The Day We Went Away

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Not all is what it seems in the dystopian world of "Away." Why? Because it's where all of our things go when we throw them away. 

The Day We Went to Away is a magical, but profound wake-up call for all of us. 


Recommended ages: for 0 - 6yrs old

Author: Stuart French

Illustrator: Madison Pollard

What is this picture book about? 

When we throw things "Away", just where do they go? Haven't you ever wondered if there is, in fact, a place called Away? 


Oh, yes, we can tell you - there certainly is! Join us in this captivating children's adventure book, supported by the mind-bendingly beautiful illustrations of Madison Pollard, as we follow one little girl's boundless journey to the distant land of Away.


Journey through the gorgeous wilds of the most hidden corners of our planet, in search of the shaded world of Away, where things are not quite what they seem...


"Imaginative, dreamy, and adventurous, while also being an eye-opening introduction to environmentalism and sustainability." - The Children's Book Review


Who is this book for?

Adventure-lovers chasing a children’s book about protecting the planet's resources, as well as its most special places, will be immediately drawn to this gorgeous story. Even if you'd rather cosy-up by the open fire at home, than rug-up near the campfire on your adventure holiday, you'll still be able to bathe in the beautifully rhyming prose and endearing illustrations of this one of a kind picture book.


Sustainably Produced

All Ethicool books are printed on FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) and/or recycled papers, using soy-based inks.

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