Safety & Care Information



A few things to remember to keep your little ones safe. Always inspect any new purchase before giving it to your baby/child. Check all items regularly for any wear and tear and discontinue use immediately if you see any sign the item has become unsafe for your baby/child.

Always remove any accessories your child has on like bibs, headbands, dummy chains, amber teething jewellery etc before putting your child to sleep. Make sure their cot is free from any loose items that could suffocate your child.

Children should always be supervised when using any products that could contain small parts as they could pose a choking hazard if damaged.

Never give your baby any item to play with or chew on that is small enough to fit through a toilet roll. Items that contain small parts are for 3yrs+ only.

Dummy chains ARE NOT to be used as teething toys and should never be chewed or sucked on. Do not immerse wooden parts in water (this includes drool!) for long periods of time or it will damage the wood. Wipe clean only.
Dummy chains should also NEVER be put in babies mouths as the clips have metal parts. 



Do not place in dishwasher or microwave as it destroys the natural rubber. Hand wash only and sterilise with hot water before first use. When the pacifier is not in use, it should be kept in a clean, dry place out of direct sunlight or contact with a source of direct heat.

The pacifiers can get water into the rubber teat due to the vent hole. This does not affect the use of the pacifier. Gently squeeze the teat to remove any water.

Being natural rubber the teats could change shape or discolour. This is normal and what natural rubber does.



Please note when purchasing clothing or items with a metallic print to never use any eucalyptus, lemon or orange based laundry based products (Or anything too harsh or acidic) as this will damage the metallic print.




Made with silicone beads on a tough bronze coloured satin nylon cord, our Dummy Clips are perfect for drooly, grubby bubs - simply wipe with a damp, lint-free cloth or a baby wipe and you’re good to go! The end bead is a sturdy metal bead that ensures the silicone beads can’t be pulled over the knot (unlikely but as silicone beads are very stretchy, it could happen). Our design has been laboratory tested and certified so you can rest assured you are purchasing the best for your baby.

TO USE DUMMY CHAINS: Simply put the loop end through the handle of your child's dummy, thread the clip of the Confetti Clip through the loop so the dummy is held at the end of the loop, and attach the clip firmly to your child's clothing so the dummy can reach their mouth.

SAFETY: These are not intended to be used as teething toys. Please inspect before every use and discard at first sign of damage. Replace after 6 months. Please do not leave these items unattended with babies/children. Remove from clothing and store out of reach when child is sleeping. Follow full safety instructions included with your Dummy Clip.

We take the safety of our products and your family very seriously. All of our products are made using the highest quality materials available - we use certified non-toxic, BPA-free silicone and natural chemical-free beech wood for our jewellery, teething toys & accessories. Our products are made to comply with the relevant mandatory safety standards & we conduct testing to ensure that they do in fact meet these standards. All of our products have been independently safety certified to Australian toy standards/dummy clip standards by third party independent testing. This means we have sent them to a laboratory that runs independently to our business and have them test the products for us to ensure that they meet the requirements for size, strength, chemical composition & durability amongst other things.




Little Lunch Box Co products are all made of durable hardwearing BPA free food safe materials. They are top shelf dishwasher safe (60° C or less) although they do recommend hand washing when time permits to prolong the integrity of the seal.

To keep your Little Lunch Box Co products looking their best, avoid prolonged direct contact with sunlight.

We do not recommend you use Little Lunch Box Co products in the microwave, oven or freezer.

We recommend that you store your lunch box with the lid open to allow the seal to fully dry.



Care instructions
A little TLC will go a long way in making sure you can enjoy your Penny Scallan Design Bento Box for longer.

1. Separate the inner tray from the outer box casing, and clean them as soon as possible after each use.
2. Wipe the outer casing with a clean damp cloth, ensuring all traces of food are removed from the silicon seals.
3. The inner tray can be safely washed in a dishwasher (top rack only).
4. Do not submerge or immerse the outer box casing in water.
5. Dry all parts of the Bento Box thoroughly with a clean cloth or paper towel.
6. Do not attempt to separate the silicon seal from the outer box casing.
7. We highly recommend that even once dry, you should keep all parts of the Bento Box separate and store them open in a well-ventilated area until ready to use again.
If you have any comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us on: