SAFETY & CARE INSTRUCTIONS for Coo Cachoo Creations

Although we go through the right measures to ensure our teething products are safe for children, they are not toys, and should not be left with your baby unattended due to small pieces that could pose a choking hazard.

Our Silicone Jewellery is intended for Mums to wear AT ALL TIMES and for Baby to play with whilst breastfeeding or whilst being held. Necklaces should never be placed around Baby's neck and should never be given to Baby to play with unattended.

Our Toddler range is for children ages 3 years and up only.

Babies chomping on our Teething Toys must be under adult supervision at all times.

Our Saver Chains and Carrier Bracelets should NEVER be left unattended with baby, and are intended for attaching to your Carrier, Wrap or Pram whilst out and about. Under no circumstance should they be attached to Baby without Adult supervision.

It is recommended that once you receive your Coo CaChoo Creation, to wash it insome warm, soapy water prior to use.

Items should be checked regularly for any signs of wear, and replacement is recommended after 6months of regular use

All of our Silicone products have been independently tested by third party organisations and are FDA approved, BPA free and made from 100% food grade silicone. That means they are free from nasties such as PVC, Phthalates, Cadmium, Latex and Lead.

The Silicone Teethers and Jewellery are odourless, waterproof, heat resistant, and will not promote the growth of bacteria and mould. What’s more, they are easily cleaned in some warm, soapy water.

Our wooden products are all natural, unfinished, non-toxic and untreated hardwood, which again makes them safe and free from nasties

All crochet items are made with organic cotton or wool onto natural, untreated wooden beads and rings.

All of our silicone teething jewellery comes with a breakaway clasp; a safety feature just in case your Bubba decides to hang onto your necklace or bracelet and won’t let go!