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Oval Silicone Suction Bowl Sea Glass

Oval Silicone Suction Bowl Sea Glass

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Our large oval silicone suction bowls are a great addition to babies tableware collection. Large oval design to help encourage self feeding. The curved lips allows the matching coloured spoon to be levelled, less mess! Pair it with one of our silicone bibs for easy clean up! Strong silicone suction with an easy release tab. keeping food off the floor and in baby’s belly. Available in fun colours. Our silicone products are made from high quality food grade silicone, containing no nasty chemicals, BPA and phthalate free.

Strong suction bowl with easy lift tab
Oval design for easy self feeding
Large 380ml capacity
Use the lips on the bowl to easily even out food creating less mess
recommended for ages 6 months +
silicone material is non stick – Easy clean up

How to clean our silicone suction bowls:
Wash in warm soapy water before use. Use with adult supervision always. Suction base must be clean/dry- for best results push on the centre of the bowl. Suctions will not work on porous or damaged surfaces. Microwave, freezer/fridge and dishwasher safe.

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